Sam Pinto
1 Sam Pinto

Her mark in history
Is this the beginning of a new era? If it is, then what an age to be living in! And the playfulness of circumstance! We’ve only done it twice, exalt the same woman two years in a row. On both occasions our voices were one and resounding, but how it shows the rift in our evolution. One represented youth and nubility; Sam represents pure pulchritude and refinement, qualities you now deem of utmost importance. As one bows out to let her body take its natural course, in comes Sam who no doubt is pleased to be accorded the same devotion. The choices we have made on this list (you, us, all in this together) have always been unerring. It has always been about picking from among the sexiest and most beautiful to emphasize the importance of the top spot. Sam, in this era, couldn’t be a more perfect choice.


87. Paloma