Author Topic: sexiest scenes in filipino cinema- sukdulan  (Read 6045 times)

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sexiest scenes in filipino cinema- sukdulan
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the first sexy scene where miguel (carlo maceda) puts his hand up elaine's (katya santos) dress while he is driving, and fingers her. she starts to get aroused and becomes orgasmic, holding on to the side of the car door, moaning and groaning with pleasure. elaine then decides to experiment (experimento), and unzips his pants and strokes him. he becomes very hard and erect. she then puts down her head and starts to perform oral sex on miguel while he is driving. at first, he is able to handle receiving oral sex while driving at the same time, and enjoys it. then it becomes so intense, he has to slow down, and pulls over to the side of the road, while elaine continues to perform oral sex on him, as the cars pass them by.
the second sexy scene is when the two meet at a hotel function while elaine is with her husband. she is dressed sexy in high heels, backless top, tight bra underneath, red dress, and wearing black nylon underwear, to look hot while out in public! she sees miguel, and tells her husband she has to use the ladies room as an excuse to leave. they both head to the restroooms, and miguel looks in the mens room and sees that it is empty. so they both enter and go into the bathroom stall and start kissing. as they become passionate, elaine locks the door of the stall. they hear people come into the mens room, but continue their passion. then elaine starts to unbutton miguel's shirt. they are so hot for each other that they try their most daring sexual encounter yet- having sex together in a public bathroom stall! at first, miguel pulls off elaine's black nylon underwear and puts his head up her dress, and starts to give her oral sex. she immediately starts to hold on to the side of the bathroom stall as the oral sex intensifies, and moans and groans with pleasure. miguel notices that people can hear them, so he tries to silence elaine by putting his hand over her mouth, but she resists and continues to let out her pleasurable emotions. elaine seems bold and empowered, and therefore not afraid of getting caught. it's the thrill of getting caught that turns her on! afterwards, they stand kneeling on the floor and have intercourse with each other, even while elaine's husband is in the mens room listening to them have sex, not knowing that it is his wife who is inside the bathroom stall enjoying a mind blowing sexual experience! they eventually finish their sexual tryst, and elaine leaves the mens room and goes across to the ladies room to freshen up. she sees that her dress has a wet spot from when she had her orgasm. she wipes it off, comes out of the ladies room, and meets her husband who has been waiting for her. he notices the wet spot, but she explains that it is just water from the sink. as she and her husband walk out of the hotel, miguel comes right behind her and grabs her ass, and elaine smiles, knowing she just had sex in a public place, and got away with it!
miguel giving elaine oral sex really surprised me, since we don't often see men performing oral sex on women in US films. also, if katya santos had taken off her clothes during both of those scenes, and at least gone down to her bra and panties, that would have been great! otherwise, those were 2 very sexy scenes.
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