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All that mature chatter about the RH Bill, plagiarism, and other Tito Sotto-related posts will leave anyone who hang around social networks for an unhealthy amount of time nauseated. For quick relief, here are some of the videos that landed onto our newsfeed that balanced out the serious shit. Share them, like 'em, and waste your company's precious resources on them. Just leave us out if they ask you where you got the links.   

1) Spongecola with Chito Miranda and Los Magno - XGF  

Pogi-rock outfit Spongecola returns with an upbeat, pop-punk tune that tackles that awkward moment when you find out that your ex-gf has started dating your friend. Look out for the quick-spitting interlude with The Out Of Body Special's Los Magno that starts off by poking fun at how anything you say in Spanish automatically sounds romantic. When your "XGF" is Anne Curtis, as is the case in the video, eh talagang mapapa-Espanol ka nga naman. And just to drive home the point that the song is self-aware and funny, the band also hired the services of Chito Miranda.

Premiere Vixens Strip Down

Cathy Frey and Cyril Locsin have gained notoriety around here for not being too fond of being clothed. "Weh, di nga?" you might say. While we do applaud your mastery over sarcasm, you'll be missing out on some good ol' hottie stripping if you don't play this rambunctious video. When sharing with friends, do make a quip about how Nelly should have been a millionaire by now if he got a dime for every time someone stripped down to "It's Getting Hot In Here." Oh wait, he's still pretty rich isn't he? Okay, never mind then. 

The Hound Vs. The Mountain Vs. Lightsabers

You know what would make the HBO fantasy series Game Of Thrones better? Light sabers. We'll pick purple and blue beam blades over silver-y swords any day.

Narda - Japanese version

Have you ever wondered how Kamikazee's "Narda" would sound if it was sung by the Japs? Not really? Well, listen to it anyway as these Sailormoon villains androgynous people collectively known as Uchusentai Noiz yell "sa rikod ng mga tara, kahit suryap rang Darna!"

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