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For your convenience, here, once again, is a screenshot of her alleged nip slip:

Ellen Adarna
Amidst all the controversy surrounding this photo, we decided to play detective and tried to get in touch with Ellen and her management earlier today, but she was unfortunately unavailable for comment.

The good news however is we managed to get a hold of ourCelebrity Coordinator (name withheld upon his request), who happens to be a close friend of Ellen's. It turns out that he had already asked her about the supposed "incident."

"So ano na, Mars, nipple or no nipple?" we asked him.

"Sorry to say," he tells us. "Naka-nipple tape daw siya niyan."


So there. This confirms everything: Ellen Adarna did not have a nip slip moment, and that was not her nipple in there. What she did have is a nipple tape slip moment, which is pretty much the next best thing.

This may not be the findings you wanted to hear (and the answer may not come from the person we wanted to see), but it is what it is. It's the truth. And the truth shall set us free. Sad, we know.

But hey, it's not like it only went viral because of her nipple tape. You wanna see Ellen's workout video again? We heard the uncut version (the one below) is way more daring than the one we showed you earlier. Press play to see it!

This has been FHM Investigates, and we're sorry for wasting your time.

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