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Whacked-Out Wednesdays

"He may not be Robert Downey Jr. But he can be my own Iron Man for the day! Awww!!!" writes FHM cover babe LJ Reyes, who attended the official Iron Man 3 premiere in Hollywood the other day. During #whackedoutwednesdays, we put the focus on our favorite female celebrities and the (hopefully) many fun events and situations they find themselves in. Re-gram that shit!

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Throwback Thursdays
Here is where we go way back (as we like to do as of late) and pay homage to those who helped make FHM Philippines the male phenomenon (yown!) that it is today. Case in point: half-Austrian stunner Cindy Kurleto, whose April 2004 cover helped put our magazine on the map. Bottom line: #throwbackthursday is all about unleashing the photos that had been long tucked away in the FHM baul. Maybe we'll also throw in a couple of kiddie photos from our weekly babe throwback sessions on FHM.com.ph.

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Freaky Fridays
#freakyfridays is definitely open to any (fun) interpretation! This is where we map out all the events, posters, and happenings that totally scream T.G.I.F! Check out FHM babe Bianca Peralta, who may or may not be going galante when she makes a pit stop at Solaire this weekend. Yes, we have an FHM 100% Hottie that goes by the name of Jesza Lyn. Cute naman di ba?

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