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If it isn't apparent by now, we're going to say this straight up: We've always had a massive crush on Alice Dixson. It remains true to this day. In fact, it never really went away. And it helps a lot that she remained pretty and sexy all these years. Hear? Hear!

So in this edition of InstaSexy, we stalked her Instagram account @alicedixson to search for the ultimate secret behind her timeless beauty. Scroll down to see what we found!

This is our version of "nag-smile sa akin crush ko." #kontilang #crush #mcdoCommercial

You have no idea how long we've been wanting to brag about how we had a lunch meeting with the forever pretty Ms.Dixson! #latepost

Even the fatty snowmen can't help but make papansin with our ultimate crush. #MerryChristmas #kahitkontingpagtingin

NEXT: A bikini-clad Alice and the sunset are perfect for each other

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