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Perhaps in an effort to make up for the travesty that is the PDAF Scam, our congressmen seemed intent these days to file bills that actually make sense: last week the Free Wi-Fi Bill, and last Monday, the Marijuana Legalization Bill! Anong nahithit nakain ninyo, mga ser? I-push natin yan!

But…kalma lang, bro! The bill, called Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, is for medical marijuana use only (for now). Meaning, only those with medical conditions like epilepsy, chronic pain, cancer, HIV, and psychological disorders will be allowed to use the drug, according to Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano III, who sponsored the bill.

Not bad, and besideslibre lang mangarap! Here we list how we could benefit if the current bill and other bills regarding marijuana get passed in the Philippines:

1) There will be less bickering in Congress

Weed is a proven cure for mood disorders. Imagine what it could do for outbursts queen Senator Miriam! We might even see more "happy" bills, like more non-working holidays, a three-day school week, isama niyo na rin ang three-day work week!

There will be less war in Mindanao

Make love not war, right? Imagine if the government and the Bangsamoro representatives embrace hippiedom, then there will be no need for all these complicated peace deals that never worked. “You want your own Bangsamoro regime? It’s cool bro.”

There will be less cases of AIDS!

Since AIDS is at all-time high in the country and one Filipino gets HIV-positive every two friggin’ hours, legalizing doobie that helps control the symptoms of AIDS is not only beneficial but necessary: Weed will be a cheaper and natural alternative to expensive medication. The same is true for cancer and other deadly diseases.

4) Crime rates will go down

The Philippines has one of the toughest marijuana laws in the world, and if weed gets decriminalized, many people will be off the hook. The government will save a lot of money from law enforcement and prison management that can be used to pay for...Free Wi-Fi!

There will be less cases of bad weed poisoning

Since the drug’s quality will be regulated as well, people will stop ordering doobie from underground markets that tend to have more toxic hybrid weed.

So what do you think fellas? Do you think it’s “high” time for marijuana to be legalized? Hit the comments below!

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  • karluy94 May 31 2014 @ 01:16pm Reply Report Abuse
    Marilize Leguana!
  • wimpy0123 May 31 2014 @ 03:07pm Reply Report Abuse
    its a good news to hear that, theres a bill for marijuana decriminalization. but i think its gona be a long time. and its impossible that the bill will be passed, because of our legislators that are narrow minded. all they think of weed is bad, specially those hippocrates that we call the "Trapo" or traditional politicians. for god sake, marijuana is a plant made by nataure not by human who abuses the nature.
    if the marijuana bill will be passed, an used as medicine, many of these pharmaceutical companies would worry, thier bussiness could change its earnings, and thats the time they will talk to the "Trapo" for them to protect the companies. inorder for them not to pass the bill. maybe big pharmaceutical commpanies can bribe the "Trapo" for the bill wont be passed, and thier bussiness will still earn a lot from this country.
  • mrs1030 May 31 2014 @ 03:43pm Reply Report Abuse
    How long?
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