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Christine, a good friend of the victim's, tells us that Aiko revealed to her a series of disturbing things about Jim during their last conversation.

"She told me that they've been having arguments about him being a womanizer," says Christine. Aiko has told friends on more than one occasion that Jim has resorted to physical violence in the past, but the couple remained together nonetheless.

Aiko Moore††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Christine describes Aiko as "a wonderful friend"

Worse, Aiko also suspected that her husband had taken extreme measures to keep an eye on her. "She suspected that Jim had her iPad and iPhone tapped without her knowing," adds Christine. "I believe Jim's been tapping her phone. Aiko's Facebook account was already disabled the morning after the incident, but now it's activated again. How can you explain that?"

Oh yes, that...

Hours after reports of Aiko's death surfaced online, a new profile picture, one that features the couple during happier times, was uploaded on Aiko's personal Facebook account. Aiko's social media friends found this event rather disturbing. It's pretty apparent that it wasn't Aiko, and Jim is currently under hospital arrest (which, we presume, forbids him from having access to any mobile device), so who uploaded that photo?

"My daughter's Facebook account has been gone for two days," Aiko's mom, Jessie, wrote on her timeline. "She is dead, so whoever's using her account, you better stop it." She then asked the person in question to explain to her how he/she was able to access her daughter's account, but the mystery person did not respond.

Then things got more disturbing...

Later that day, Jim's Facebook account posted the following on Aiko's page: "What happened is a tragedy and both of us were supposed to die romantically like Romeo and Juliet. I will be with her again soon enough. I'm sorry for all the pain this has caused everyone."

Aiko Moore
Is Jim really the one behind all these? "I'm not sure if he's now out or he gave someone his phone to do all that," Christine tells us.

NEXT: Are drugs involved in this one?
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