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All together, holding hands, let the entire FHM nation shout this awesome news out: Solenn Heussaff is our coverbabe for FHM's 11th anniversary issue!

Solenn's riding mighty high with her showbiz career nowadays, which is why we find it ultra awesome that we did our cover shoot in the presence of mighty horses. Yes, this whole thing's polished to perfection!

Our anniversary issue, and we say this with much pride, also happens to be our bikini issue special, with the likes of Paloma, Richelle Prickett, Ana Corado, and Shiralee Coleman comprising over 69 pages of girls in very tiny swimsuits! We've not much to say but hurray!

We've got loads of babe photos, and we're on to a couple of monumental reads as well. This month we tackle the many deaths of Pinoy rock - how the local rock scene managed to die and resurrect itself, only to meet its demise again.

Also in with us is Pinoy MMA fighter Alvin Ramirez and three other sports junkies who found their passion in danger and pain. And then we go mellow with our story on dog breeds, primarily the ones who never fail to get love from the ladies.

So let's kick off the March issue with our behind the scenes gallery of Solenn Heussaff's sizzling photoshoot. And to everyone we bid a happy anniversary!

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  • advocacy Mar 02 2011 @ 06:46pm Reply Report Abuse
    Best FHM issue ever.
  • chamika2008 Mar 06 2011 @ 11:03pm Reply Report Abuse
    the long wait is over
  • king.... Mar 10 2011 @ 01:32pm Reply Report Abuse
    so so lang...hindi ganun ka exciting si solen sana ibang model na lang ang kinuha much better kung si ms.lovi poe pa yun ang talagang much awaited
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