New Sony Cameras For This Summer!


Ah, summer. So many memories formed during this sticky and steamy time o' year. Beach trips and the consequential hook-ups. Non-beach trips and the consequential drunken nights-out. There's so much more stuff to do when the sun is out.

Making the most out of summer is just half of the story, though. Almost as important is preserving the memories made while having fun. Ever wonder why camera is next in line, after asking about food, water, and maybe condoms?

This is exactly what Sony had in mind when it launched its 2012 summer portfolio. It includes the all-new Cyber-shot models, which boast improved capabilities and new features that will make past iterations look so last summer.

For those who greatly value capturing the fun moments we have with our loved ones or even just everyday occurrences in crisp, top-notch digital quality without having to lug around that big ol’ DSLR around, Sony has the right tools for you. Scroll through the gallery below to see the latest Cyber-shot digital cameras.

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