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Miss Nude World (Arcade)

One would think that games like this would be better off played with the privacy that only a dark, secluded room could provide. Away from everyone else, away from the judgment of passers-by.

An arcade hall, for instance has many of these passers-by, but hey that didn’t stop this game, Miss Nude World from being released.

As is the case with most of these games, the object is simple: you do some sort of tedious task over and over for you to get rewarded with a picture of a girl showing her privates. In this game, that tedious task is that you try to uncover portions of the girl’s picture with a special marker, all the while avoiding monsters that will cost you a life. We feel your excitement too, brother.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox 360)

As many of you know, Dead or Alive started life as a very respectable fighting game that was faster and more dynamic than most of its other 3D fighting game contemporaries. The game held it own amongst the Tekken’s and the Virtua Fighter’s of the world.

Like those two fighting game franchises, Dead or Alive also featured a cast of characters that, lo and behold, included a couple of pretty female characters. Characters that had big boobs that also hilariously bounced around like beach balls.

So for the game developers at least, it was only natural that these female characters end up in a beach volleyball game. That result was Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, which had you collecting all sorts of bikinis for the ladies, in which they pose around in gleefully. The volleyball game hidden somewhere in there is just a ready excuse to anyone who caught you playing this game. “Hey, it’s a sports game, ok?”

Strip Fighter IV (PC)

Like skin flicks parodying real movies, Strip Fighter IV, you guessed it, is a parody of Street Fighter. But there’d be none of that hadouken hullabaloo in here, no sir; only women fighters wearing nipple-revealing outfits that you’ll see in full glory every time a character does some sort of super move.

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  • azanakinshakai Jul 15 2011 @ 07:12pm Reply Report Abuse
    i thought these games are already banned.. :(n
  • Juan_de_Marco Aug 04 2011 @ 12:35am Reply Report Abuse
    has anyone played GALS PANIC?
  • krewks Apr 03 2012 @ 01:30pm Reply Report Abuse
    damn thought i was just insanely perverted,rntil someone asked thatrnrnif you’re the type who’s ever tapped the pause button to check out Chun-li’s pantiesrnrnnow i think im perfectly normalrnrn
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