10 Awesome Fantasy Fights in Street Fighter X Tekken


What happens when the undisputed 2D champ of all time collides with the most popular 3D brawler of history? That’s certainly a fight we’d pay to see. Teeth will fly. Jaws will meet uppercuts. And we’ll finally get to see Ryu blast Kazuya with a hadouken or see Paul Phoenix drill a hole through Dhalsim’s scrawny midsection.

Street Fighter X Tekken, this year’s most awaited crossover game, is now available for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Seeing those videogame icons trade blows fist for fist is probably enough to wet the pants of armchair martial artists.

But the game’s appeal goes far beyond the massive collection of 38 characters (with around a dozen more available as DLC content) from both games. The comic-book like visual style, the tag-team fighting mechanics (activate “Cross Arts” or “Cross Assault” for a massive beatdown using your two fighters simultaneously), and a beginner-friendly gem system (power-ups that can be activated after certain conditions are met) all add up to a game that no fighting fan should miss.

We’ll be mashing them buttons soon enough, but before then, here are ten Street Fighter X Tekken fights that might be just as blood-pumping to watch as a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout!

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    Nice FHM. You put an amazing article that gamers like. Thanks
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    Doesn't Rufus fits better as Bob's rival fight?
  • edgar_edgar Mar 08 2012 @ 09:32pm Reply Report Abuse
    great job FHM! nice article! we really are waiting for these cross over to see ryu and ken's duo vs kazuya and jin's devilish tandem!
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    Great job FHM!
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