9 Sexiest Ninja Babes in Games


Like zombies, gaming simply wouldn’t have been as fun without ninjas. Have a wall that needs scaling? Need to kill a target from hundreds of meters away using only a puny shard of broken glass? Need to stride across a body of water WITHOUT stirring a single fish swimming just below the surface?

Typical videogame convention says that a ninja should be able to do that and more. No need for a complex, long-winded back story explaining why physics don’t apply to these guys—they’re ninjas, what else do you need to know?

Okay, probably this: gaming also nearly wouldn’t have been as sexy. Because unlike zombies, ninjas of the female variety are not just deadly. They’re also deadly sexy. And they tend to dress up like they’re asking for a damn wardrobe malfunction to happen. Just check out these nine below.

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  • AstralOne24 Mar 30 2012 @ 01:52am Reply Report Abuse
    Where's Mileena and Sakura? (Hehe, joke lang sa second part) :)
  • Rikimaru1618 Apr 03 2012 @ 05:03am Reply Report Abuse
    Pano naman si Ayame? (Tenchu)
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