The bad girls of videogame land


A night with her will make you both the luckiest and unluckiest man in the world: Among other 'things' she's capable of doing, is to suck the life force out of you. Don't expect your soul to go to heaven afterwards because succubi are playful, selfish devils who will probably keep your soul for eternity...in hell.

Edea Kramer, FF VIII
The biggest baddie of the classic RPG, Final Fantasy VIII is a powerful sorceress, who uses of some pretty bad-ass magic. She can burn you, electrocute you, drown you, or send a meteor falling on your noggin—the ways are just limitless. The worst though might be her ultimate move, the Ice Strike, which is basically an ice spear that's sharp enough to deplete you of your entire hit points in one swift move. Making her even more dangerous is that she doesn't need magic at all to make her an object of desire.

You might notice that her eyes glow coldly, and her costumes are just outlandish, but there's a clear reason to that. Sorceress Edea is actually possessed by some more powerful sorceress in the future named Ultimecia. Confused much? Well, that's just Final Fantasy being Final Fantasy. What's clear is that Edea is one hot sorceress.

Ayane, Dead or Alive series, ninja Gaiden series
Ayane first appeared as a secret character in the first Dead or Alive game for the Playstation. But with her cute suplada looks, this deadly ninja soon became a mainstay of the series. Dead or Alive is one of the pioneers of boob-bouncing technology, and thankfully, Ayane has the curves to take full advantage of that.

She's not evil by choice, but the fact that she's chasing down her equally cute half-sister Kasumi to kill her, makes Ayane quite a dangerous prespect for a girlfriend. Break her heart and you won't even notice that your neck is already broken in a hundred places thanks to her sneaky ninjitsu techniques.

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