The Future is Fcked: Hunger Games and 8 Other Films We Don't Want to Live in


Imagine young men and women battling to death on live television. Barbaric entertainment at its most unadulterated is the premise behind The Hunger Games, a new action/drama film starring sultry acting ingénue Jennifer Lawrence.

Welcome to the future, where the Capitol--the central governing power--employs the Hunger Games: a tournament where one boy and girl is chosen from each respective district to kill each other live, on television, for everyone to see.

The Hunger Games, based on the Suzanne Collins young adult novel series has been much anticipated by fans. It opens today in local cinemas and we couldn’t help but put together a list of films with fucked-up futures such as this one. Heaven knows we wouldn’t want to find ourselves stuck in any of these weird realities.

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  • bluehd Mar 22 2012 @ 06:58pm Reply Report Abuse
    Battle Royale the best!!!
  • ecapiz Mar 24 2012 @ 11:57pm Reply Report Abuse
    parang misleading po ang title ng article nyu,,akala ko tuloy,, panget ung movie na hunger games ...geez
  • AstralOne24 Mar 26 2012 @ 01:23am Reply Report Abuse
    I haven't read the book nor watch the movie, but the concept is interesting. It's plot is cool to talk with and its characters are great! At least it's better than Twilight.
  • AstralOne24 Mar 26 2012 @ 01:25am Reply Report Abuse
    Other f*cked up futures? If Justin Bieber became president and vampires with werewolves who make love rather than a threat. Now that's really screwed!
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