Scream 4 and the Hottest Scream Queens in Movies


Word just got out that a fourth Scream movie is finally on the works, courtesy of an ensemble cast that includes originals Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette. Wes Craven is also† back sitting on the director’s chair.

But the cast is also fortified by newbies Emma Roberts and Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere. Anna Pacquin and Kirsten Bell will also have reported cameos in the film, much to the tune of Drew Barrymore and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Scream appearances.

No word yet as to what the story might be about, but we do expect a massive turnaround from the overexposed chase-and-kill concept, given the film’s jab at slasher film remakes and sequels.

And to company this awesome news – producers are planning to create another trilogy out of the franchise, starting with Scream 4. That means plenty more ghostface killers to look forward to come April of next year.

But before anything, one observation: Neve Campbell is still every bit the stunner she was in the first Scream movie 14 years ago. Made us think of the hottest scream queens in movies, starting off with the original scream queen herself:

Next: 70s Halloween icon Jamie Lee Curtis

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