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We’ve all had that terror Math professor who humiliated you in the middle of Trigonometry when you were caught sneaking notes or that favorite Chemistry prof that showed you how to balance isotopes (nose bleed!). Hate them or love them, teachers can both inspire and irritate. All this teacher talk is brought about by California blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz’s new rom-com Bad Teacher.

It's coming out this week and already, we couldn’t help but reminisce the good ol' dog days. In the film, Diaz plays a crude, junior high teacher, not fit for influencing the youth. Worse, she's been dumped by her boyfriendo. As she tries to win the affection of a new teacher in the form of real-life ex Justin Timberlake, conflict ensues and comedy takes over.

In the spirit of a good education, here’s a list of our favorite movie teachers who not only motivated and inspired, but may have showed a few bad habits as well.

1. John Keating, Dead Poets Society
The actor: Robin Williams
In a prep school for privileged boys, an English teacher shows a band of young students that conformity is not a requirement. Through poetry and literature, he shows them that there is more to life than the roads their father’s have paved for them.

Lesson learned: Be bold. Dare to be different. If Walt Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!” isn’t ringing between your ears at the end of this heart-warmer then you probably are a conformist. Make like an ant and march.

2. Mr. Schneebly, School of Rock
The actor: Jack Black
When professional bum and rock and roll aficionado Dewey Finn illegally assumes the substitute position at a school for young kids, he uses the opportunity to harness the fourth grader’s musical talents and live out his rock star fantasies.

Lesson learned: As the lyrics from the film go: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!” Rock out with your cock out! Jimmy Paige, Jimi Hendrix or even Roger Waters didn’t get to the top without a little hard work and practice!

3. Jacob Elinsky, The 25th Hour
The actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman
In the midst of his best friend going to jail for dealing drugs, English teacher Jacob Elinsky is seduced by his feisty, tattooed, ecstasy-popping student (played by a scorching Anna Paquin). Towards the end they end up making out in a club bathroom. Jailbait!

Lesson learned: Student-teacher relationships are a big no-no! Especially if student in question is still in high school and is what, we here call, minordi! Consensual Student-teacher relationship: Considered statutory rape.

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  • raflihasan Jun 23 2011 @ 11:41am Reply Report Abuse
    i would prefer "school of life"...ntouched and inspire the uninspire
  • cuzzman Jun 23 2011 @ 01:48pm Reply Hide replies Report Abuse
    Coach Carter isnt there..
  • nolet Jul 01 2011 @ 03:06am Reply Report Abuse
    Coach Carter technically wasn\'t a teacher. Then again, neither was Herman Boone. Something wrong in this list? I\'d replace Herman Boone with Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver.
  • gypproks Jul 25 2011 @ 06:43pm Reply Report Abuse
  • chaoticneutral Jul 31 2011 @ 12:05pm Reply Report Abuse
    anton umali just showed how much of a fliptard he is. nosebleed? seriously?
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