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It’s safe to say that 2012 is a good year for Philippine Television. Local viewers were treated to a Richard and Dawn reunion with Walang Hanggan, people from all walks of life got thrown into a “glass case of emotion” with the “Coronavela,” and talent show junkies rejoiced when X Factor Philippines FINALLY entered the building.

With the success of localized international reality shows like Pinoy Big Brother and Pilipinas Got Talent and ABS-CBN hype machine, X Factor was highly anticipated by talent show addicts. Apparently, the six-times a week talent show fix we all get from Showtime wasn’t enough (okay, talent show our face, we mean Anne Curtis’s legs).

For those who are still clueless, particularly those who still think American Idol is still the bomb diggity (NOT! ANYMORE! That season with our newest fave Fil-Am Jessica Sanchez? Lowest ratings EVER), X Factor is produced by famous and infamous former AI sassy judge of all seasons, Simon Cowell. But X Factor, which first aired in Britain in 2004, should not be confused with the rather more popular Britain’s Got Talent franchise responsible for many videos that caused people to cry casually on their work desks. (Remember Susan Boyle?)The most famous alum of X-Factor is blonde and bronze babe Leona Lewis, who did a remake of “Bleeding Love” and sang the breakup song your ex-impaktita of a girlfriend forced you to listen to.

But what makes X-Factor different from their rather more famous counterparts is that the judges act as mentors. As expected, X Factor Philippines, which airs at around 9 p.m. on weekends, has the same treats that usually come with talent shows: Performances that give viewers chest pains; Critique from judges that make you go, “hhhmmm”; and gems like the occasional wacko or dark horse that ends up becoming the latest viral superstar.

Hindi ka pa rin sold? Bueno, here are reasons why you should give X-Factor Philippines a chance when you’re too broke to go out on weekends.

1. The Judges

OPM is not dead, the big guns are just busy judging talent shows. The local X-factor boasts Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Pilita Corales, and Charice Pempengo as the judges/mentors of season one. The roster is impressive and quite fitting for those aspiring recording artists since they will learn:

  1. How to be Concert Kings here and anywhere where there are Pinoys, which means everywhere;
  2. How to be energetic, God-fearing, and forever young despite being dependent on insulin;
  3. How to rock a slit na kapantay ang langit even in your 70s like a Queen;
  4. And how to handle being ridiculed for your styling and American accent, 'cause at the end of the day you are one of the world’s best performers out there (you can pay for another stylist but you can’t pay for hard work and talent).

2. The Host(ess)
Back in December 2011, KC Concepcion hit the news again when it was announced that she would be hosting the first season of X-Factor. Of course, everybody was happy for her since this gave her no time to wallow with a pint of ice cream after her break up, and had finally found a gig where she’s not acting and hopefully where she can spot the X in people. So far, KC is truly her mother’s daughter. She’s very sweet, charming and has a great stage presence. She’s a looker (and single), too! Wala naman bayad managinip, di ba?!

Next: The best of our "favorite" judge, Charice!

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  • jojoismyname08 Sep 08 2012 @ 05:26am Reply Report Abuse
    This show sucks! Magkano kaya binayad ng ABS sa article na ito para maisulat? Nobody gives a sh*t about this show. And there is nothing special with most of the remaining contestants. Like all the other recent talent shows, sad to say di naman nila napapasikat yung nananalo.
  • chira Sep 09 2012 @ 12:12pm Reply Report Abuse
    masyado ang propaganda ng abs dito ahh...sa totoo lang the show is a waste of time...it sucks!!...i really find it weird na ang mananalo ay dahil sa dami rin ng text votes...geez...dapat tignan ang talent di padamihan ng boto...nasaan na ba mga nanalo sa reality shows nila??..
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