3 scariest MGB episodes on YouTube!


2. Sanib!

The symptoms of a possession are easy enough to detect: inhuman strength, otherwordly voices, mga matang nanlilisik. It has happened all over history, and if Magandang Gabi Bayan’s stories are to be believed, demonic possessions still happen up to this day. Science has yet to come up with a real explanation for this “phenomenon,” so yeah, score one for the albularyo!

3.Babae sa Poso Negro

Why do white ladies choose to wear white? We don’t know, but we reckon, white makes them easier for mortals to spot in the black of night. Damn, they’re clever. This episode follows the typical story of a murder/rape victim, who never will be able to rest until her perpetrators have been given what is due. On a related note, you know what bothers us the most when it comes to these ladies in white? They appear to us to let us know of their plight, right? Why the hell then do they have to look all sorts of pants-shitting scary, complete with blood on their lips and an evil pair of eyes when they appear? Scaring us certainly won’t compel us to help them. Not one bit. Sheesh.

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  • whitewing2 Oct 23 2009 @ 10:28am Reply Report Abuse
    After the election Kabayan Vice president Noli De Castro Will return to be A Broadcaster maybe Magandang Gabi Bayan will re air
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