Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie May 2012

Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie May 2012

Clothes from 7 For All Mankind ; Swimsuit by Soak Swimwear;
Accessories from Accessorize
Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie  May 2012Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie  May 2012Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie  May 2012Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie  May 2012Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie  May 2012
Lorraine De Jesus - FHM 100% Hottie May 2012

This charming lady might be familiar to you already; she is after all one of the two ladies who danced and teased our cameras during their stint on FHM TV for the World Ender last March.

But there’s more to Lorraine than just being an eye candy. She can brighten up your day, and we're just not saying. We've encountered many a funny women but Lorraine is really something else. We don't know where she gets her witticisms or how she finds the funny breaks in serious matters but she does. And quickly. It's only a matter of minutes before she'll get you laughing as though you've inhaled laughing gas.

She’ll immediately greet you with her appealing smile and warm you up really good. And if you happen to be one of those guys whacking their brains for a good line with which to chat her up, don't fret. Lorraine will start cracking her jokes way before you begin thinking along the lines of, "ano kaya..."

“Ayoko talaga ng malungkot or any dull moments. Gusto ko ako yung nagpapasaya sa mga kasama ko.” says our hot friendly Lorraine. And we can’t disagree with that; she’s really fun to be with.

So, if you want to have a good time, and cross boredom out of your life forever, well, Lorraine is your girl! So better read on and learn more about our Lorraine – well after enjoying her very, very pleasurable FHM 100% photos first!

Can you give us some info about yourself first?
I’m Lorraine de Jesus, 19 years old and I’m a pure-bred Manila girl!

And we must say, you’re one of the perkiest girls we’ve met so far. Are you always this lively?
Ayoko talaga nang malungkot or any dull moments. Gusto ko lagi masaya and pati yung mga tao na kasama ko na masaya din sila. And gusto ko ako yung nagpapasaya sa kanila.

You pretty have your own way of making people like you, even if they’re complete strangers.
Haha! Papansinin ko muna sila. Then, bibiruin ko na siya parang, “Hi, anong pangalan mo?” then kapag sumakay siya, tuloy-tuloy na yung conversation niyo, hanggang sa mag-joke na kayo. In that way, tatatak sa mind nila etong bababeng ito, iba siya eh, and hopefully in a good way.

Any wrong impressions people tend to have about you?
Meron din naman. Like may mga issues nga sa akin na masungit daw ako, pero kapag nakilala na nila ako doon na nila na-realize na iba pala talaga ako. Actually, yung ibang friends ko, kaaway ko talaga sila before tapos nung tumagal na and when they knew me better na, naging friends na kami lahat.

You say you instantly know when a certain person can be a close friend of yours.
In 2 hours, alam ko na. Siyempre mag-uusap kami, then ma-feel mo yun agad kapag nag jive na kayo. Aayain ko na lang siya bigla na “tara, gimik tayo minsan.”

You really are a friendly one.
Oo naman, kasi kung friendly din naman yung tao, ganun din ako, pero kapag simungitan niya ako agad, ibang usapan na yan.

Looks like there’s a meaning behind those last words you just said.
May mga tao kasing unang dating palang masungit na. Ako kasi, yung personality ko, I always smile. Unang dating palang, smile na.

Aside from your smile and erm, your curves, what else do people notice about you?
Hindi ba ako mukhang Koreana? Lagi kasing napapansin yung mata ko as mapungay, na parang Koreana-koreana ang dating.

We can still consider you a newbie in the world of modeling, but you sure didn't act like one. You were rather very daring.
Pick-up experiences. Sanayan lang. Parang kapag may kasabay ako kunwari na ibang models sa isang shoot, nandoon minsan yung parang “ang galing niya, dapat ganun din ako.” Most of the time kasi, I admire them. So, pagdating ng turn ko, yung mindset ko, parang dapat galingan ko din para wala din masabi sa akin yung photographer.

We just finished a very sexy shoot, did you feel nervous, getting naked and all?
Hindi naman. Sa akin kasi, trabaho lang siya. Trabaho lang.


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