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This week's Hot Turista applicant claims to know a bit of Tagalog. Or was that a ploy for her to catch our attention? If that's the case, here's the thing, honey: This Hot Turista section is a ploy for us to catch yours! Proceed below to know more about Ms. Laci Kay Somers!

About this week's Hot Turista
Laci Kay Somers
Age: 21
Homeland: San Fransisco, California
Nationality: American
Occupation: Model, personal trainer, ring girl, cosmetic nurse, singer, actress, hair and makeup artist

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Laci Kay Somers

Please let us into your world. What's it like being you?
I am very blessed and thankful, and I have worked hard to get where I am. I am a ring girl for a big mixed martial arts promotion and I am also currently recording an album.

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of love?
Quit my job, maybe? But I'll never do that again.

Share to us the wildest thing you've ever done, drunk or sober.
Well, I don't drink, but I can be fun sober! I once joined the show Wipeout and did the obstacle courses for their beauty queen episode. I think it'll air this August.

What's your take on love, sex, and relationships?
Love as much as you can. Nice girls like sex too, and it's a good workout. And relationships are amazing if you are with the right one.

What is your proudest moment in terms of modeling?
To be featured as a model in a televised mixed martial arts event in Japan on pay-per-view. I got to meet celebrities from all over the world!

Would you ever consider dating a Filipino guy?
Well, I don't really base my taste on color or nationality. If you make good money, are driven, passionate, share my interests, and are in good shape, then why not? Just spoil me often. Not just with gifts but with affection. And I mean head-over-heels affection!

What are American girls known for?
Let me see...fake boobs. And on the flip side, obesity. Ha!

Since this is a "foreign exchange program," which Filipino figure should your country get in return?
I know he's Chinese, but Bruce Lee. Does he count?

Fictional Customs Question: Why should we give you the "Approved" stamp?
Because I am driven, determined, and very outgoing. And I work my butt off to stay pretty and sexy!

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Laci Kay Somers
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