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Shot on locat ion at the Presidential Suite, Royal Hotel Golf and Country Club, Angeles City
Lingerie from Sorci Age by Wacoal; Nude pumps from Sugarfree
Accessories from A’postrophe and Forever 21
  View More PhotosYassi Coo - October 2012

This isn’t your first time to shoot, is it?
It’s the first time I’m shooting for a magazine. But before this, I did a shoot for a makeup artist after she saw me on Facebook. That’s actually how I started modeling.

Have you also encountered a lot of pesky suitors on Facebook?
Oo. Meron din. Natural lang naman siguro yun. I mean, I’m sure everybody experiences something like that once in a while.

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
I want him to go to my house. Sunduin niya ako dun. I want him to bring me to the beach. I like the beach because it’s relaxing, especially places like Boracay, iba talaga. Pag sa beach simple lang yung pamumuhay. You can go out without having to put makeup on.

What other qualities do you look for in a man?
Mahilig talaga ako sa mga chinito. I like Koreans. I love K-Pop. Fan ako ng Big Bang. Dati gusto ko rin yung Super Junior.

What about them tickles your fancy?
Ewan ko! Ha ha! Aside from their physical appearance, they prioritize talent. Ang cute nila eh! Ha ha!

And this cute singing, dancing Korean should also be…
A gentleman. At saka siyempre dapat sweet. I like it when a guy surprises me. I also want my guy to know when I’m okay or not. Di ba minsan sasabihin ng mga babae okay sila, pero hindi naman talaga? Dapat alam niya yun.

You just turned 18. We take it you’ve become familiar with FHM only recently?
Yes. But I have friends kasi na nag-pose na sa inyo. Si Jhoy Ortiz and Krissy Cullen.

You’re not related to Ellen Adarna, are you?
Ha ha! No!

Then why is your iPad filled with photos of her?
Ha ha! Kasi crush ko na kasi talaga siya ever since her photos spread on Friendster. I like her because even if she has no makeup on she’s so beautiful. Hindi nakakasawa yung mukha niya.

How does it make you feel when people tell you that you look like your girl-crush?
I get flattered, of course!

Ellen has had a pretty successful career in the business of sexy. Is that the route you wish to take?
Depende na lang sa kung ano yung dumating. Okay lang naman din sa akin. Bahala na. Hindi ko naman alam kung ano yung mangyayari bukas so depende talaga. Wala akong goal sa buhay.

Say that again?
Ha ha! What I mean is I don’t know how I’ll achieve my goals in life. I’m doing this modeling
thing just for fun. I’m just enjoying myself. I like seeing the photos kasi natutuwa ako.

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