INTERVIEW: Gelo Gonzales
STYLING: Badj Galias - Genato
MAKEUP: Diana de Castro
HAIR: Dimple Callada

Such is Abby’s laughter, that when you hear it, you’re instantly drawn to her. It’s not loud and obnoxious, but it’s also not exactly what we’d call meek.

  View More PhotosAbby Poblador: FHM Dec 2009 online babe It's free-spirited, innocent even, but also sounds like she’s holding back just a little. It’s cute. And it makes your mind race and scramble for that charming, little joke your buddy told you about—just so you could hear her laugh again.

Abby is an enchanting beauty, addicting to the eyes, rather easy to get obsessed with. Her laughter, only a small part of her spell, lures you in. And then her full womanly curves take command. At that point, you’re no longer in control. You become a snake, and she, the snake charmer. Possibly, the cutest one you ever will see.

You’ve posed for different publications before, how does this compare?
Actually, siya yung pinakamabilis na shoot, kaya sabi ko kanina “wow, tapos na kaagad.” Unlike sa iba kong shoots, super whole day talaga, as in 9 AM to 9 PM. Cute [din yung Korean theme], lalo na ngayon uso yung mga Wondergirls, yung mga “nobody, nobody.”

Actually, mas gusto ko itong ganitong pa-cute cute lang eh, kasi doon sa sexy look ako medyo nahihirapan. Parang mas madali kung pa-smile smile ka lang.

Koreans are known for the cute factor. Do you think you, as a Filipina, pulled off the cute look?
Yeah, of course. Kasi kahit nga yung mga bata ngayon eh, kayang kaya na nga nila eh. Saka yung mga ibang models din ngayon, makikita mo sa kanila, yung porma nila may pagka-Korean na.

So aside from posing, what else are you busy with?
Rampa, car shows, diyan frequent ako sa mga car shows. And then, billboards. Yung sa Sogo Hotel billboard, ako yun, yung may slogan na “So clean, so good!” (Laughs)

What’s your general experience with car shows?
Sa car shows ako pinaka nage-enjoy kasi parang petiks lang eh. All you have to do is smile, pose for the photographers, and hand out flyers. Then you get paid nicely for a couple of hours lang.

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    Grabe Abby! I never fail to look at your poster sa Sogo Harrison! Ur sooo HOT!!!!
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  • johnluke Dec 11 2009 @ 12:05am Report Abuse
    lucky is d man hu wins ur heart...
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    imba... dapat sa 100% hottie to e
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    very s*xy--as in SEXY khit meron takip...shaped!
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    wiw hot mo ;D
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  • jayboyet Dec 24 2009 @ 12:46am Report Abuse
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  • ubermensch Dec 26 2009 @ 01:15am Report Abuse
    magandang pamasko to!
  • broot Dec 27 2009 @ 12:52pm Report Abuse
    ganda mo maxado ms abby..expect ko 100% hottie kna nxt year..weee want more of you..
  • Rotcepsni Dec 28 2009 @ 08:44am Report Abuse
    Ang ganda mo talaga abby! sana nga 100% hiottie ka na sa January!
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  • Jade_Mason1485 Jan 05 2010 @ 02:09pm Report Abuse
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    Picture perfect! If I were a photographer, I will take shots of Ms. Abby Poblador wearing gorgeous long gowns... Pang miss-universe, hehehe! (Para maiba naman!)... Wish I could have my own photo collection of this lovely lady!
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