STYLING: Debra Bernales
MAKEUP: Diana de Castro
HAIR: Telay Robles

Skateboards do great jobs in covering crotch regions of people who've decided to take off their panties. Bridget Suarez has taken off her panties.

  View More PhotosBridget Suarez - FHM October 2009 Online Babe Does she skate? "No, not really," she says. But that lucky plank far outlived its purpose. Does she love the great outdoors? "Yeah. I've already done it in public—sa public ladies CR with my boyfriend." Does she prefer couches over beds? "Anywhere! Ha ha! No really, anywhere." Is she shy? "Minsan conservative pa rin kunware, but not really." Do we like her? Of course we do.

This isn't your first time, and you obviously aren't bored. Yeah.
Third time na to. When you've done it more than once, mas madali na siya gawin, napa-practice, alam mo na yung good poses and good angles mo, and mas magaling ka na din mag-project. Ha ha!

So with your body, who enjoys the spotlight more—your butt or your boobs?
It’s not really my breasts or my butt—it’s my whole body. Gusto ko yung nakatayo ako, tapos yung full figure and curves ko makikita. Yun ang gusto ko.

How important is your figure?
I’m 36-26-36, I do play badminton and I do boxing, but I’m not really into sports. I just [keep active] for my figure, hindi nga ako nag g-gym eh. What do you enjoy doing instead? Dancing. Mahilig akong sumayaw. As in! Belly dancing, ledge dancing, lahat ng sayaw.

Ledge dancing—where?
Depende sa event, part siya nga trabaho ko. May mga tour kami, minsan sa provinces, sa mga bars din here in Manila, and also sa Cebu and Davao.

Is there a website or Twitter account where we can map out your ledge dancing itineraries, etc.?

No, not really. Well, Facebook meron, nandun naman lahat yung events ko. I'm listed as Bridget Suarez pa rin.
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  • velocitymix Nov 06 2009 @ 11:01pm Report Abuse
    paGNIT pauline so pa din...:)
  • jeymar Nov 08 2009 @ 12:46am Report Abuse
    wow she so cute naman... mas ok sya kaisa kay paulin so.....
  • ellyzerjohn Nov 08 2009 @ 03:46pm Report Abuse
  • paysu Nov 16 2009 @ 06:16pm Report Abuse
    super playful ka pla...your too s*xy..
  • bloods_nsg Nov 18 2009 @ 01:28pm Report Abuse
    wow ur so hot.!! damn!
  • halo8888 Nov 23 2009 @ 05:42pm Report Abuse
    nice complete package.
  • Leonardodicaprio Dec 03 2009 @ 12:13pm Report Abuse
    pakita mo ng buong buo yun dapat ipakita.
  • encheng Dec 03 2009 @ 02:18pm Report Abuse
    you look so hot in that pic.. hope to see more of you.
  • deciper 6 months ago Report Abuse
    sarap nya
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