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What’s your most favorite thing when doing a shoot?
I get to dress up! I love dressing up. It’s my favorite part of being a girl. Even if I’m an island girl whose pretty okay with no makeup or not caring about clothes, there’s just something about dressing up that makes me feel sexy. I also love connecting with the camera. I want it to look like I’m talking to you with my photos.

And almost all your travels are work related, right?
Absolutely! I feel so much purpose with what I do. Even being here in the Philippines, I feel so much purpose by coming here. I felt it in Bali and I did everything I wanted with my modeling there. I simply just do it. I believe that there’s a reason why I’m here. I don’t plan to stop; I still have the passion for what I do.

Have you ever considered staying put in one place and concentrating on your career there?
It’s hard, it’s very hard. We don’t know what will happen in the future with how often I travel in a month. I can stay for some time but I can’t do that like forever. Because there are some other places that need me. Ha ha!

You’re living quite an adventurous life. Are you still afraid of anything?
I’m not afraid of death or anything, maybe there’s nothing tangible that I’m really afraid of. Maybe I’m just afraid of not fulfilling my purpose.

How about flying cockroaches?
Ha ha! I don’t like them. They just gross me out!

We're you a cheerleader back in school? You just strike us as that kind of girl.
Yeah, I was a cheerleader back in high school and middle school. It was a lot of fun. I grew up doing martial arts but I was also a cheerleader and I really wanted to be a dancer for the longest time.

Have you ever tried your karate skills on a guy?
I really don’t want get into a fight, because people will just get hurt. Ha ha! I’d rather not fight, but I really do know how.

We smell a next Michelle Rodriguez in the making.
I really plan on writing my own film about a femme fatale, a cross between Catwoman and Charlie’s Angels. I also love Michelle Rodriguez. I would also love to be in the Fast and Furious, maybe like on the 7th or 8th one?

I actually worked with Vin [Diesel] before. He gave me my first acting role. We did a web series called The Ropes. Hopefully when I get enough projects on my own, I can do Fast and Furious 7.
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