Asia Agcaoili

Asia Agcaoili



Asia hates guys who are: “Yung maliit yung package, ha ha ha! Joke lang yun ha, masama yun! Seriously, ayoko yung masyadong airhead, and yung masyadong confident, masyadong assuming, super moody, tsaka yung mapagmalaki.”

Asia’s life-threatening experience:
"A guy friend pointed a gun at me, tapos pinutok niya yung baril sa ulo ko. Kasi he had a gun, and I thought it was fake. He proved it was real. He got the bullets out and put one bullet in. My friends were shouting, “Tama na, wag kang magbiro!” Kung may bullet yun, patay na ako."

Asia on the freaky incident where her tube fell off and exposed her left breast on national TV sometime in March 2003. “It was an accident, that’s all I can say. Kaya ngayon lagi na lang akong nagsusuot ng Leukoplast, nipplets, and bra.”

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  • Ruddley Jul 23 2007 @ 03:37pm Report Abuse
    i've known you quite some time through your columns, your good. hope to talk to you personally if time permits. your awesome and hot!
  • jamesplayboy Aug 01 2007 @ 11:18am Report Abuse
    If you want to see Asia in the flesh, she will be at the Robinson's Movieworld here in Galleria today at 5:30 pm. This is a theater tour for her latest movie Casa. Be there!
  • prettyboy19 Oct 21 2007 @ 11:27am Report Abuse
    .,.,humanda ka sakin asia.,.narito na ang taong magpptibok ng ung puso nand di mo sinasadya.,.,
  • imgonzalez2000 Jul 21 2009 @ 08:35am Report Abuse
    you really are steamingly hot!!!
    simple the best KUDOS!!!
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