FHM Issue 1: A Retrospective



By now, you’ve probably heard that we’ve arrived at glorious Issue Number 150 with none other than Vice Ganda on the cover. (Just kidding, it’s Marian Rivera.)

Before we did though, there were issues number 149, 148, 147, 146, and so on and so forth.

And even way, way back was Issue Number One. It was the year 2000. During one hot day in March in the pre-global warming era, just a few months after the world had survived the Y2K bug, the magazine’s virginal issue landed.

Like a man reminiscing about a former love, we now revisit #FHM1's dust-laden pages, dissect what we had obsessed over then, and observe how it had set the tone for our future issue (and maybe of the whole local magazine scene-naks!), starting with…

1) The first ad you'll see after flipping the cover over

The year 2000 not only ushered in a new millenium, but also a new brand of beer from San Miguel that up until then had been known for the pang-tatay Pale Pilsen. Suddenly, beer became hip, and we were there to witness it.

2) Kyla Fernandez, the first all-Pinay beauty you encounter in its pages

"Obey me," it says on the tanktop of this "beer babe with the jock attitude." A prime example of the magazine subliminally implanting seeds into men's minds to obey the countless other women to appear in the second issue and beyond!

3) "Man Up" has always been a mantra

We've always believed that even the best men can always be better. Up until now, we continue to explore things that men can learn (i.e. belly-dancing, throwing the best house parties, how to cosplay as Hellboy). But all that began with the basic exercise of jump-starting a stalled vehicle.

4) Fun, pa-yabang skills were also welcome

There must have been a shortage of bottle openers in the year 2000, prompting us to learn the basic survival skill of using one's teeth to pry open some life-preserving alcohol.

5) Remember Coco Lee?

All we know is that she was an Asian pop-princess during a time when most of the K-Pop girl groups we have now were still on their pacifiers....and not in their trademark pekpek-shorts.

NEXT: Our playstation obsession begings, the first Bar Room Jokes, and Alicia Silverstone!

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