FHM X: A Decade of Sexy
A Survey of Seven FHM Readers


March 6, 2010

Higher learning for our readers wasn’t exactly what we set out to achieve when we churned out our magazine’s first issue ten years ago. Still, since the magazine is 10 years old this month, we wanted to check with some of our readers and, in one case, non-reader, if our content makes them feel scholarly.

Pol Medina, Jr.

WHAT HAVE I LEARNED? Do you honestly believe men pick up [FHM] to get information? "Oh sure! I'll go straight to the articles. No pictures of naked women will distract me from learning something.” Mwah-haha! But [the most distracting FHM babe would have to be] Alicia Mayer on page 52 of your June 2003 [issue]. Why? Because she's sitting on a 57 Chevy Bel Air convertible. Arf!

Krip Yuson
Poet, columnist

Please understand that I'm not a regular reader. I pick it up now and then, but don't look for it. I only throw it into the shopping cart when I'm making the rounds of a supermarket and a new issue presents itself on some shelf, and I happen to like the cover - rather the looks of the girl on the cover. I can't really be called a collector, albeit I do keep them all. I probably have 3 or 4 dozen down the years, daming butas-butas. I’d like to see more of your classy eye candy, to youth-en us all up! And maybe more on sports.

Papa Jack
90.7 Love radio’s resident love doc

That there is art in sexiness. I'm not really a reader. I don’t read any magazine. The only time I read is when I text or check my email. In fact, I’m a professor of broadcasting but I don’t even read to prepare for my classes. I teach from stock knowledge and experience.

Vin Dancel
Musician, Peryodiko

FHM Pilipinas showed me that just because your magazine is [as popular as a rabbit] it doesn’t mean you can just come in and blow the competition out of the water. Despite the eye candy, a magazine has to be interesting pa rin. Kung buhay pa siya, gusto ko Makita si Ninoy sa FHM. I’d ask him if he’d vote for his son, and why?

Yvette Tan

I learned that most of the time, a fun guy is a bigger girl magnet than a good-looking one. I’d love to see Monica Bellucci in FHM. I’d ask how she manages to keep looking so hot.

Toti Dalmacion
Terno Records

FHM showed me that next-to-nothing is sexier than all-out nude. I'd like to see may be my tito Dennis Garcia of Hotdog in the magaizne. Both him and my tito Rene have never been given the respect and space for being progenitors of Manila Sound.

Igan D’Bayan
Writer, Artist

Well, my friend Allan Hernandez shed light on the mystery as to why strippers love to gyrate to Joe Lamont’s" Victims of Love," Jon Bon Jovi’s "Blaze of Glory," and Celine Dion’s "To Love You More," among other tunes with crushing, coruscating choruses. But one day if I find myself in a strip joint and see someone sidewinding to "Ako Ay Pilipino," that would be bonkers, man. Like a sign of the impending Apocalypse. I’d feel nationalistic and doomed at the same time.

I'd want to see Nina, Princess Velasco and Sitti in your magazine and ask them, “What would be your next cover song? May I suggest Slayer’s South of Heaven?”