FHM X: A Decade of Sexy
One is good, two is better, three or more is best!

The AXE Dream Girls—March 2005

They're not called the 'Dream Girls' for nothing, guys. Angel Locsin, Rashel Piazza, Ayanna, and Bubbles Paraiso are exactly the types of girls we'd do everything to get—that is until reality hits us on the head with a heart-breaking "dream on, brother!" Feel free to buy boxes and boxes of man-cologne, and see if that helps. Smelling better is always a step in the right direction, we always say.

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Showgirls—August 2005

Back in 2005, the boob tube got injected with a power-shot of good ol' sexiness, in the form of the heavenly Angelica Jones, the precious Gem Ramos, the sweet Cherry Lou, the bedazzling Belinda Bright, and the sizzling Michelle Bayle. We gladly made space for them on our August 2005 cover, they showed what was needed to be shown, and safe to say, our eyes got their fill.

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