Nike's 2012 Summer Collection!


Nike's 2012 Spring/Summer Collection looks hella fun: Lots of colors, looks hella comfortable, and best of all, astig.

Nike's apparel are all about summer's easy-going vibe. Their shirts have a variety of designs—from cute to cool, and from crewcuts to collared—all catering to comfort-seeking, basketball-playing cool dudes of summer.

While the shorts are expected (summer is your free pass to wearing shorts 24/7! Take it!), we paid special attention to the Nike jackets that should give your seemingly slacker ensemble, the necessary one-up. NOTE: While we're all for comfort, please make sure you don't look lousy. There is a vast difference in the fine line between the two. Use your jacket to bring in the necessary smarts.

And last but not least, are of course, the Nike Shoes. Hot damn, do they rock! We say, We'll let the photos speak for themselves and let you take your pick.

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