Look Good! Spend Less! Enjoy Shopping!


3. Come very early...or very late! It's less crowded, for one. And says Vince, first or last buyers of the day get better chance at discounts. "Opening and closing times are the best times to shop. During these times, you can haggle with the sales attendants for buena mano or sarado mano prices." Take the published price and round it down to the nearest reasonable price. As in, if a shirt is at P420, haggle it down to P400 and use your being buena or sarado mano.

4. It's quality when... Just cause it's cheap doesn't mean it's not quality. Quality stuff can be had in tiangge, you just have to double check to know you are getting quality stuff. "Check the stitching, the material, and the color," tips Vince.

5. Look like a million bucks. Just as you shouldn't wear two trends simultaneously, you also shouldn't wear all your your tiangge score in one go. Vince's tip: Pair a greenhills goodie with a designer label. That way, you won't look like a fashion victim who got caught in the tiangge.

Swing by Spunk (entrance is across Yellow Cab) for unique pieces you can't find elsewhere!

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