What Kind of Dresser Are You?

What Kind of Dresser Are You?

If you wake up each day secure in knowing that anything you pick out of your closet reflects “the real you,” then hats off to you, bro. Some of us though are still dabbling in that minsan emo, minsan sporty, generally sabog school of style circa our angst-y adolescent years.†

Inundated by the many trends and kinds of porma, we discovered that the best way to really figure out who we are sartorially is via this quick pop quiz. We implore you do the same and after which we'll reward you with info on the latest duds befitting your slowly burgeoning sense of style.

  • When chicks see me, I want them to think:

a.††† “Ang bango naman tingnan nang poging to, tapos simple lang yung porma.”
b.††† “This guy must be such a jock—gayot eh.”
c.††† “Kayamanan ito! Branded lahat!”

  • Most of the stuff in my closet:

a.††† …are simple polos and jeans, everything clean and ironed.
b.††† …are jerseys, plain shirts, and a ton of other practical shit to toss into my gym bag.
c.††† …when added up, could pay a month’s rent.

  • If I shop I end up:

a.††† Buying more of the same crap I always get
b.††† Getting sidetracked by the sporting goods stores
c.††† Withdrawing a ton of money and going high end for top quality

We sure do hope you've answered honestly. And don't worry you're on a no-judgement zone, so we really don't care if you're baduy or not. However, other people would, which is why you should check the gallery below to know what type of dresser you are, and what new cool stuff is out there for you. You're welcome.

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