Is Porn Ruining Your Sex Life?


Pornography has turned into a commodity, a necessity for many men and a few women as well. Some experts believe watching porn can add spice to regular intercourse. But, as they say, too much of a good thing can be bad. Is your fondness for TRACI LORDS AND SASHA GREY taking a toll on your relationship? Take this quiz to find out. Get the points for every answer and sum them all up to find out if you’re a certified pornophile or semi-pornophobe.

1. What normally gives you the urge to watch porn?
A. Stress. It helps me take my mind off a rough day. (1)

B. Boredom. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings. (2)

C. Frustrations. I haven’t had sex in quite a while. (0)

2. How often do you watch porn?
A. Almost every day. What? It’s sex I don’t have to pay for. (2)

B. I don’t know. I can’t even remember the last time I did. (0)

C. Once a week. I heard masturbation lessens the risk of prostate cancer. (1)

3. What is the best way for you to get aroused?
A. A few minutes of necking and petting with my girlfriend. (0)

B. A big poster of Ellen Adarna. (1)

C. That sex scene from Malena. Better yet, the whole of Good Will Humping. (2)

4 Who do you like to envision when having sex?
A. No one. I keep my eyes on my partner. (0)

B. My girlfriend’s celebrity look-alike. (1)

C. Maria Ozawa. (2)

5. Where do you usually masturbate?
A. In the privacy of my own home, with the doors locked, of course. (1)

B. Anywhere I feel the urge. I’ve even done it on duty in the men’s room. (2)

C. In bed. My girlfriend does the honors for me sometimes. (0)

6. What are your means of accessing porn?
A. I just borrow some DVDs from my friends. (0)

B. I download or stream websites like RedTube, YouPorn, etc. (1)

C. All of the above (2)

7. You’re having a dissatisfying roll in the hay with a girl. How would you solve the problem?
A. I wait for it all to end. Then, sneak out to pay Jessica Kizaki a visit. (2)

B. I stop whatever we’re doing and ask her what we can do to fix it. (0)

C. I ask her to give me a blowjob instead and imagine she’s Sunny Leone. (1)

8. You’re wondering how to perk up your sex life. Where do you turn to for advice?
A. Research. Google is the brain I never had. (0)

B. Friends. A few of them seem like real sexperts. (1)

C. Porn. It’s where I first learned about sex anyway. (2)

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    superbad cool movie
  • icankil Sep 18 2012 @ 11:08am Reply Report Abuse
    "..when your partner isn’t enough to keep your motor running, you just resort to thoughts of your favorite s*x scene." Tama toh ser!
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