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So you want to be a† developer and get your work on one of the most popular smartphones out in the market right now, but you don't know where to start? Apple's got a great developer guide right on their site, it's easy to understand and it's even got colored stops for people who like to track their progress down the yellow brick, uh, developer road.

There's been talks that the app approval process for iOS devs isn't that easy, and that it really depends on what kind of app it is. But you can worry about that when you get there. For now, here's what the dev guide looks like:

The guide was updated just last month, and you can navigate easily though it by clicking the blue arrow on the right or the multi-colored dots up top. Dubbed the 'road map', it's got short and concise topics per stop that'll help you on your way to creating an app for iOS devices. It doesn't stop there though, there are more topic-specific tutorials after you've finished the road map.

Good luck, aspiring iOS developers!

As an added bonus, you could check out the gallery below for the most expensive iPhone apps

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