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Mar 20, 2017
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The thrill of discovery is what keeps all of us coming back to Instagram. Whether it's to find new ways to explore our country or choreograph sillier bits via Boomerang, the excitement never stops if you just know what to do and where to look.

We here at FHM can attest to this and we've shored up our must-follow list recently in the process. You're right, it absolutely pays to be a naturally friendly bunch. And speaking of new pals, allow us to introduce to you these insanely hot non-celebrity beauties we've just met. From models to bloggers to their beach pictures and gym selfies, these irresistible ladies are bound to keep you stay glued on IG and double-tap with abandon.

Get to know them some more and welcome to our first #FHMFollowMonday, gentlemen.

1) Jennifer Mizzi


Instagram Handle: @jennifer_maria

Followers: 14.3k

Posts: 476

What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

“I used to try and please everyone, caring so much about what people thought of me. Now, I realize that as long as you know you’re right—then their opinions don’t matter.”

2) Jach Manere


Instagram Handle: @jachmanere

Followers: 7,908

Posts: 369

What quirky habit do you have?

“I have a lot but the quirkiest probably is that I tend to order only one specific meal per restaurant or fast food chain. STRICTYLY. Like I don’t like ordering any other food.”

3) Arianna Cowper


Instagram Handle: @yannacowper

Followers: 21.6k

Posts: 825

What would your dream date be like?

“Dream date as in anything? I'm usually good with movies and pizza but if I'm thinking of a big date.To spend the day on a beach followed by a sunset dinner with a looot of fresh seafood and fruits. Maybe even a massage after? Hahaha pretty cliche but nothing calms me more than the beach and I'm a sucker for romantic things. A girl can dream!”

4) Jennica Sanchez

Instagram Handle: @sanchezjennica

Followers: 82.9k

Posts: 271

What is the worst thing about dating?

“The worst thing about dating is that, you don’t know if you’re the only one they’re dating until they post photos with you on social media!”


5) Juliana Urbina


Instagram Handle: @jillybully

Followers: 20k

Posts: 1,538

What is the one movie that influenced your life the most?

“It would be Under the Tuscan Sun! This movie somehow made me feel more confident and less worried about life. I believe that the house always protects its dreamer, so while I dream for others the universe will take care of mine. Always keep that childish enthusiasm in me no matter how old I get---to always feel like a child at heart, dream freely and love fearlessly. One of the best stories from the scene was when the lady told Frances about the love bug. It was when the lady was young looking for love-bug but couldn't find any. It was when she stopped looking and decided to lay on the grass when love-bugs came crawling over her.”


6) Chelsea Robato

Instagram Handle: @chelseamaey

Followers: 98k

Posts: 1,941

What makes a man attractive?

“A man is attractive if he has a sense of humor. If you can make me laugh, you got me!" 

7) Janina Manipol


Instagram Handle: @janinamanipol

Followers: 117k

Posts: 1,892

Kissing on the first date: Yes or a no?

“Yes! If there’s chemistry then why not?”

8) Lexi Mendiola

Instagram Handle: @leximendi

Followers: 28.1k

Posts: 540

Any relationship advice for men?

“Go for the one that you see becoming your best friend. Trust me on this one.”