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Aug 7, 2015
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Have you ever wondered what your granddad used to wear to the beach? Ask him to describe it to you and he'll probably tell you something like, "Naku apo, noong panahon namin, kapag nabasa 'yong swimsuit napaka-bigat." This conversation stresses one thing: Men's swimsuits have evolved over time.

And this is what we're about to see with a YouTube video by Mode Studio called "100 Years Of Men's Swimwear." The three-minute clip we've turned into GIFs takes us back from the one-piece suit in 1915, the super short trunks in 1935 to the first board shorts in 1995.

(Also, we apologize for the absurd amount of man-skin in this article, BUT WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO EDUCATE OURSELVES IN SWIMWEAR HISTORY.)












Now watch the full evolution below:

Video via Glam