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Jun 30, 2015
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We, your friendly everyman of FHM HQ, may not fit the posh, fashion-conscious clique but, we'll let you in on a little secret: We actually like attending classy events where putting on the best combination your wardrobe can offer is mandatory.

Which is why, after the grand Maria Ozawa autograph signing last Friday, we braved the traffic and rushed to Green Sun Hotel in Makati to take part in last week's glitziest shindig: The 2015 Preview Ball!

Yes, we ditched our tees and maongs and suited up to witness a one-of-a-kind alignment of local stars and celebrities. Of course, we kept our eye on the beautiful ladies who were practically walking tutorials on "How-to-dress-like-a-(lady)-boss-in-a-gala." It's certainly a special occasion since aside from showcasing some of the country's most forward-thinking fashion stalwarts, it also celebrated Preview's 20th year in the business.

For those who missed the event, we offer you a brief retelling of what went down in the festivities below!

Here's the Preview Ball's cover collage wall where Preview's past covers were displayed. It also became witness to a shitload of fasyon selfies that night.

2015 preview ball

The event officially started at 9 p.m., which means many of the guests were expected to arrive a good hour later—not model-host Kim Jones though, who flashed the proverbial middle finger to "Filipino time" by being among the early birds.

2015 preview ball

The well-dressed stars came pouring in soon after. Here we have the Meralco Bolts' team manager, Paolo Trillo, with his stunning wife, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. He's a prime example of winning at life.

2015 preview ball

Oh look, it's our March 2015 cover girl Max Collins!

2015 preview ball

The photo wall became a hotspot for some of the country's most popular love teams. Case in point: Kris Bernal and Aljur Abrenica. We definitely saw some cleavage action real-life chemistry between the two!

2015 preview ball

And the night's Rebel Award goes to: Victor Basa, who wore freakin' shades to an event slated to last 'til midnight! Victor doesn't care, Victor doesn't give a shit.

2015 preview ball

No amount of bad lighting and crappy lens action can hide the fact that Kris Bernal and Julie Anne San Jose were legit head-turners.

2015 preview ball

The venue almost lost its sh*t upon seeing Lady Spiker Mika Reyes withget thisGreen Archer Jeron Teng. "OMG, PAANO NA SI KIEFER?" some of you might say. Calm down, Miefers. It's most likely more about the two being friends and athletes from the same school (DLSU) rather than an LQ gone bad.


2015 preview ball

Another reason why the Preview Ball is also a big deal: It happened just before Preview editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco-Juan's birthday. Belated greetings, Madame!

2015 preview ballPhoto via Stylebible.ph (Magic Liwanag)

Everyone's dream girl Anne Curtis was not present, but we soon forgot about it upon seeing her equally-stunning younger sister, Jasmine!

2015 preview ballPhoto via Stylebible.ph

Our hopes of making papogi were effectively quashed when this man came along:

2015 preview ball

Man, Julia Baretto really reminds us of a certain Gretchen...

2015 preview ball

No less than the head of our mother ship company Summit Media, Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, congratulated the whole Preview crew.

2015 preview ball

The rest of the night was filled with more celebrities, fine booze, high-class partying, and more fashionable outfits from every girl's dreams. For a complete recap of the highlights, check out Preview's gallery!

2015 preview ball

As for the guests who really caught our eye not only because of their beauty but because of their stunning garbs, here are 10 of 'em!


2015 preview ball

What we saw: A solid '60s look for the actress which was both revealing and elegant.

FHM's noob fashion insight: All we can say is, her dress is certainly tight (literally and figuratively)!


2015 preview ball

What we saw: A semi-see-through dress that's perfectly complemented by the fashion blogger's sweet, sweet smile.

FHM's noob fashion insight: Those markings/patterns on the lower part of the dress, do those mean anything?


2015 preview ball

What we saw: An elegant white dress with subtle gold accents worn by the pretty fashion and travel blogger.

FHM's noob fashion insight: The white dress is a nice contrast to the event's black-dominated theme. Whoa, did we  actually come up with a legit insight?


2015 preview ball

What we saw: An FHM fave sashaying in a pretty black dress.

FHM's noob fashion insight: The "I <3 Bangs Garcia" fans club just grew ten-fold, thanks to that semi-see-through dress.


2015 preview ball

What we saw: The statuesque Miss Philippines Air 2015 rocking a super elegant black outfit.

FHM's noob fashion insight: The lower half of her dress flows gently like her beautiful hair. In other words, she's a winner from top to bottom.


2015 preview ball

What we saw: The MTV VJ looking chic in a sleek one-piece attire.

FHM's noob fashion insight: Those intricate lines also make her dress fashion-forward, as in it will still look trendy even if we're in the year 2100.


2015 preview ball

What we saw: The perfect epitome of the girl-next-door look standing out of the crowd thanks to a simple-yet-stunning black outfit.

FHM's noob fashion insight: The pants make the ensemble look versatile and comfy, and it probably is!



2015 preview ball

What we saw: The commercial model's emerald green dress was certainly a breath of fresh air in an event full of blacks and whites.

FHM's noob fashion insight: It also looks really, really soft and warm. In a venue that made our skin look like the surface of a golf ball, this one's a game-changer.


2015 preview ball

What we saw: The combo of her white gown and carefully-styled 'do exudes all sorts of fashion swag for the actress.

FHM's noob fashion insight: We're willing to put her on a pedestal, because she looks like a Greek goddess here.


2015 preview ball

What we saw: Another FHM cover girl, this time sporting a simpler, body-hugging gown that accentuates her curves.

FHM's noob fashion insight: You what goes well with ALL dresses and outfits? Her million-peso smile!

Photography Mike Dee