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Does the occasion call for "naka-Amerikana"? Whatever style, cut, or color you choose, these rules will ensure that you stand out in a sea of suits.

1)   Wear all black to make you look slimmer.

Black is always equated with power and sophistication. Wearing black head-to-toe has a slimming effect, while adding textures breaks the monotony.

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2)   Balance a double-breasted with a sleeker profile.

More classic prints (like a double-breasted houndstooth plaid suit, Google it) are deliberate throwbacks to specific fashion eras. Modernize it by picking out a slimmer cut and wear with a thin necktie.

3)   Add unexpected details to classic suits.

A navy slim suit will do the trick, whatever the occasion. But surprising accessories like a stainless steel tie bar or a pair of cufflinks will complete your look.

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4)   Play around with your ties.

A dark gray suit and textured shirt are boardroom standouts, pair that with a camo print and you'll kill. Also try knit variations.

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Amador Madamba for MENSHEALTH.ph