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Aug 15, 2014
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In the world of fashion and dressing up, it is generally true that things move in circles.

In other words, if you hang onto your precious duds from the '90s/'80s/panahon ni kopong kopong long enough, there will eventually come a time when it will be all the rage again. Then you’d be the cool guy with the legit blinding bright, all-synthetic rave polo when they become the rage again.

Of course, that's assuming your old stuff still fits you. Because these cycles sometimes happen quickly, but often they take a long time to come around, so don’t hold your breath waiting for your beloved espadrilles to come back just yet because you went in hard on that trend. What we expect want to see soon are some classics from the '90s, like the following:


90s fashionImage via Sodahead.com

Everyone has that undercut, swept up, pomada look going on nowadays, and you know what? It’s fine. It’s nice, really. What’s not nice is breaking the bank for a trim every two weeks to keep it in shape, along with the icky feeling of gobs of product in your hair whenever the sun comes out. Also the endless trips to the bathroom in the name of vanity (you know it’s true).

Also, this:

Video via RX93FM

This is why we propose the return of long hair–but not hair that is so long and out of control that it becomes pretty much a separate organism on top of your head that (sort of) takes care of itself. Let’s say, shoulder length only, cool? Also, follow these hair-grooming tips.


90s fashionImage via Thesleuthjournal.com

Because long hair, duh. We realize suggestion one and two can possibly make you look like a character straight out of She’s Dating the Gangster. In case anyone ever uses that to rip on you, just ask them why they even watched that crap in the first place and witness them fumble to explain that they just saw the trailer or something-swear!

Pro-tip: If you're gonna go with this one and long locks, make sure not to overdress. Plain tees and jeans is a nice combo. Also, avoid cartoon-y bandanas! Or else we'll have to ask for your man card.


90s fashionImage via Motilo.com

So hardcore! Just make sure they aren’t baggy cause that is manchild/30-year-old-who-can’t-let-go-of-his-college-band-days territory. Walang girls dun. A possible tweak is to rip up your chinos/trousers/khakis though. That could be an interesting look!


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