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Nov 4, 2014
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NBA Preview: FHM Answers All Your Questions About The New Season (Part III)

There are basketball shoes made for making us feel like superstars in our weekend pick-up games; then there are those made for the true superstars, the hoops gods we tirelessly try to emulate in said weekend pick-up games.

What we're about to show you belongs to the second category, a.k.a. the shoes we'd rather display than break our own ankles with on the hardcourt. Fellow basketball footwear fanatics, we introduce you to the adidas J Wall 1 signature shoe:

adidas j wall 1

Made for the Washington Wizards' All-Star point guard John Wall, the J Wall 1 sports a bold design that, according to Adidas, was inspired by the ace playmaker's quick on-court moves. We agree. Don't you just want to pull off crossovers and jumpers with it (or at least try to)?

Here's a closer look:

adidas j wall 1

The John Wall logo (made by overlapping the letters "J" and "W") is featured prominently on the side and the front flap, a sign that this shoe is special. “Our close collaboration with John allowed us to deliver a shoe that will help him improve performance while telling his unique, personal story through the John Wall logo and details throughout the shoe,” says Robbie Fuller, Global Design Director of adidas Basketball. Yeah, as if our man John still needed help in upping his game.

adidas j wall 1

Adidas also released a couple more J Wall 1 colorways for when John Wall (and the Washington Wizards) is playing on the road. The "Away" edition comes with a red air-mesh upper for added stability while three navy blue vertical stripes on its sides add style points to the package.

adidas j wall 1

Meanwhile, the "Alternate Away" edition has white stripes and a breathable striped pattern for more comfort. All versions of the J Wall 1 has what adidas calls the adiprene+ midsole cushioning feature for better responsiveness and heel-to-toe traction.

If you're a John Wall fan or if you want to add to your collection of signature baller kicks, the J Wall 1 has already began retailing locally. Meanwhile the "Away" and "Alternate Away" editions will be available in December. How much? P5,995!

But if John Wall isn't enough to convince you that adidas basketball shoes are the shiznit, then maybe his fellow young NBA superstars on the next page will! 

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