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Feb 6, 2014
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Snazzy clothes will obviously help you impress a date, but the right clothes can actually take a more active part in your night. Maybe one of these gameplans will bear fruit for you this Valentine’s. A caveat: Success is not 100-percent guaranteed, but you can’t go wrong with the digs we’re feeling this month.


Putting your arm around her is a bit fresh, but sacrificing your well being for hers? What a man!

Required item: Sweater

date fashionCotton On Ecru Zip Hoodie, P1,500

The plan:

1. Bring her to the frostiest theater around
2. Wait for her to get cold
3. When she feels the chills say, “Hey why don’t you take my jacket?”
4. Endure the biting cold using techniques learned from watching those survival shows on Nat Geo and Discovery Channel
5. Later at home, breathe in the new scent of your jacket. The smell of success!

Your jacket needs that homey factor, homie, so forget leather or those “I’m a hard man” jackets with zippers on zippers. Take a traditional hoodie in a suitably warm color instead.


First of all, make sure you aren’t in a hideously low-cut sando or mankini. Now, this needs a little prep work.

Required item: Snapback

date fashionDC Men’s Buddy Hat P1,590

The plan:

1. Offer to hold her hairtie before heading into the water. Alternately, steal it from her bag when she isn’t looking
2. Throw that fucker away.
3. After getting out of the water; wait for her to complain that her mane is a tangled mess.
4. Gamely offer your lid to police her hair instead
5. Experience that winning moment when you lift a hat off a girl’s head and her hair falls all over your face as she lies on top of you.

You can also let her wear it all day, and then take it off and pretend you’re such a stud that you’re turning a tomboy straight. But she wouldn’t keep a dud on her head all day, no sir, so make sure you get the right one like the DC Buddy Hat. Chicks can’t resist Aztec-y patterns.

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