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Mar 26, 2017
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Haven’t caught up on hammering out your summer bod just yet? Cover up your shame with
these in the meantime!
1) Uniqlo Coke Tee
Approach a hot chick on a hotter day while wearing this universal symbol of refreshment and maybe their sudden desire for a drink will rub off on you!
Get it for: P190
2) Bench Color Block Tee
There’s something about color blocking that just feels right for a summer shirt–like this one in a simple, slightly retro combination.
Get it for: P459
3) Zara Text Tee
This is the season to wear a (pale) pink shirt. Why? Because the color looks way better when you’ve got a tan going on.
Get it for: P695
4) Quiksilver Graphic Tee
You can’t let summer pass without appropriating some surfer style. Get a design which is more
"water fun times" than "surf athlete" so it doesn’t look like you try too hard.
Get it for: P2,236
5) Topman Striped Tee
Technically, stripes are graphics too. Hope you have some plain shorts to match with the strong nautical vibes of this tee.
Get it for: P2,455
6) Stoked Wind & Sand Tee
When you’re incoherent and drunk at the beach, let your shirt declare what you’re all about. It’s got your back in more ways then one!
Get it for: P699
7) H&M Pattern Tee
Ahh, this montage of summer hits is only suitable to wear during the season itself. So why don’t you!
Get it for:P899