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Oct 21, 2015
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Some guys will tell you, "Hey, if you are eyes are perfectly fine, don't wear glasses just for the sake of wearing glasses"

We disagree. Glasses, beyond the shades, are a legitimate fashion accessory much like a wristwatch is. And like any accessory, they've gone through a lot of  fun changes. A video by BuzzFeed, uploaded on October 7, shows these changes from the '30s all the way to now.

These are our favorites:

These round frames look sweet. They're also staging a comeback right now, if they haven't already. Our unsolicited advice: Go for them now before everyone does!

If you're looking to play it safe, these wayfarers will never go out of style.

If you're looking to stand out and are feeling a little fashion-forward, spring for these oversized metallic frames with the thin wires.

What people like the most now: