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May 18, 2015
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It's been a few weeks already since Avengers: Age of Ultron made us wish superheroes were real, but we're still feeling a bit of a hangover from watching the movie. If you're like us (a.k.a. Marvel fanboys), then you're gonna love what we're about to show you!

Behold, adidas' new Avengers-themed running shoes!

adidas marvel

The designs are based on three of Avengers: Age of Ultron's main characters: Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. Each shoe also packs adidas' own BOOST technology which (theoretically) gives the wearer more energy return for more oomph with every jump. These also come with a classic low-cut design that make them look nice for casual outdoor strolls as well.

One thing you should know though: The three kicks you just saw are made for kids! So, for the dads out there, you now have a great gift idea for your Marvel-adoring little one. For the rest of us adult-sized peeps, worry not for adidas didn't forget about us in its little partnership with Marvel!

Check it out, adidas' Marvel-inspired adizero Prime BOOST running shoe!

adidas marvel

adidas marvel

Coming in a sleek blend of silver and green, it has the visuals even non-Marvel-fans will love. It's not specified which particular superhero is being endorsed by the shoe, but it looks like it's been influenced by both the Hulk and Quicksilver.

And, just like the kids line, this version of the adizero Prime BOOST also comes with a flexible and ultra-light frame, a low-cut facade, and BOOST cushioning tech.

Our beer bellies betray us if we say we are running enthusiasts, but we might just turn a new leaf if we had these bad boys on. Speaking of which, these Marvel-inspired super kicks are now available online via www.adidas.com/avengers.