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Jul 27, 2015
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Feeling like you're turning into a boring old man? Need to infuse some life into your mundane everyday porma? We can do little about that dad bod of yours, but we do have a tip if ever you feel your fashion sense is becoming obsolete. Two words: adidas Supershell.

Another collaboration between adidas and singer-songwriter extraordinaire Pharrell Williams, the new Supershell is artsy done right. And by that we mean it infuses a load of color and attitude into your plain get-up without looking like a unicorn took a dump on your feet.


adidas supershell

The Supershell is one of the latest reincarnations of adidas' iconic "basketball sneakers," the Superstar. It's also the follow-up to the hugely popular Supercoloranother adidas-Pharrell effort that comes in 50 freakin' colors. This new collection features signature artworks from talented individuals, like New York City contemporary artist Todd James and photographer-director Cass Bird. Mr. Pharrell's visual skills are in the mix as well as six of his artworks are part of the series.

Video via adidas Originals

There are actually two Supershell collections. The first one is the Artwork Collection which boasts vibrant and creative designs on the Shelltoe region (the front of the shoe).

adidas supershell

The second is called the Sculpted Collection, which exchanges color for a more unique look, thanks to a specially-molded 3D Shelltoe based on the designs of the aforementioned artists.

adidas supershell

See? Wear a pair and feel the visual swag amp up your shoe game!

And the best news of all: It will be available here in the country! The Artwork Collection will retail for P4,495 while the Sculpted Collection will go for P1,000 more.

The adidas Supershell will officially land on local store shelves starting August 7. See you at the cashier line, bros!