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Nov 5, 2013
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fhm philippine fashion week trends
Philippine Fashion Week
: those words probably mean nothing at all to you. Besides, who wears stuff off the runway, anyway? We mean, would you ever go out of the house dressed up as a male model? 

But, aside from being a prime location to ogle female models, PFW isn’t totally irrelevant bros–the menswear portion is not all S&M masks and nipple exposures after all. Just like how they say Formula 1 technology eventually makes its way to our lowly econobox vehicles, fancy designer stuff at fashion shows eventually trickle down to us shirts-and-jeans wearing masses.

And that's why we attended Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 at SMX (or at least that's what we told our ultra-masculine friends); we wanted to find out what Big Fashion will have us wearing when warmer weather comes around.

Below are our finds—which, because we know how much you'll cringe at photos of male models, we've taken the liberty to present in a "real world" setting!

TREND #1: Contrast-Soled Shoes

fhm philippine fashion week trends

If you really miss the color you get with sneakers while wearing dress shoes, this footwear trend that makes you look like you've stepped in a paint puddle will make you happy. Green, blue, yellow, red: these would make a pair of wingtips look too fasyon, but stick them on the sole and it’s not bad-looking at all.

Get the look: SM Milanos

TREND#2: Green

fhm philippine fashion week trends

The color of trees, money, and FHM reader’s minds is the new "It" color of menswear. Green was always tricky to pair. Green and brown? You’ll look like a tree. Green and blue? Magnolia uniform, anyone? The looks on the runway went away from the traditional bright tones for darker shades that make a classy sub for classy staple navy blue and maroon.

Get the look: SM Milanos

3: Tying Things Around The Waist

fhm philippine fashion week trends
It's either very grunge, douche-y, or grade school, depending on when you grew up. This trend should only be a problem for belt-bag aficionados.

Get the look: SM Menswear

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