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Oct 20, 2015
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The Internet is currently abuzz with all kinds of Star Wars talk, thanks to the release of this movie poster and the latest (and possibly) last trailer for The Force Awakens.

Which is why we feel this is perfect time to break this: the Star Wars X adidas Originals kicks!

According to reports, the German shoemaker has released a trio of adidas Originals inspired by all things Star Wars.

Check 'em out:

adidas X
Star Wars Tubular Runner

star wars adidasImage via Hypebeast.com

Fans of the popular movie franchise that never seems to end will clearly spot the Stormtrooper hiding on the shoe's tongue. We also dig the black-and-white look. Minimalism FTW!

adidas X
Star Wars ZX Flux

star wars adidasImage via Hypebeast.com

Probably a representation of the destructive Star Wars battles fought with drones, starships, and lightsabers, this particular version of the ZX Flux is emblazoned with a flame pattern and sports sole and heel accents reminiscent of Darth Vader's iconic mask. (Heavy breathing sounds not included.)

adidas X
Star Wars Superstar

star wars adidasImage via Hypebeast.com

With the The Force Awakens' characters displayed on the exterior, this pair screams "Look at me, I'm a Star Wars fan!" Beware: Your kid (if you have one) will ask you for a Stormtrooper toy after seeing this.

No word yet from our adidas Philippines sources on whether or not this trio will arrive on local shores. We won't be surprised though if ever they do during the holidays (aka the release date of The Force Awakens); timing is everything!