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Dec 19, 2013
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Yo, Santa! 'Tis your time to shine!

The jolly fat man in the red suit is the face of the season. But frankly, we're getting a bit tired of his traditional look. Not that it sucks and we don't like Santa Claus but, come on now, we're about to enter friggin' 2014! A little bit of change wouldn't hurt, right?

We're not talking about a complete overhaul. That would be disastrous for kids everywhere. We're just thinking of changing one of his trademarks: his fluffy, parang-bulak beard that looks like it's been left to grow for centuries. It's nice, but we want more badassery in the mix. So, may we suggest a different, much more radical style?

Check out below some epic, apir-worthy beards that we want to see on Santa Claus! Barbero dwarves, here's your cue!

badass santa beards

We'll call it: The Epic Handlebars

badass santa beards

We'll call it: The Curls of Awesomeness

badass santa beards

We'll call it: The Christmas Kraken

badass santa gifts

We'll call it: The Hagrid

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