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Apr 22, 2016
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Pimples. Zits. Acne. Whatever you want to call it, it gives you the same annoying and depressing feeling. And the worst about thing about it is it pops up at the most inopportune time. So if you are looking for a remedy that works instantly, this one's for you.

Beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai discovered that rubbing garlic on your face gets rid of spots instantly. Taking to Instagram to share her finding with her half-a-million followers, she uploaded a short video tutorial:


Here's how to do it as per Farah:

1) Take a clove of garlic and make cuts in it to extract the garlic juice.

2) Rub it directly on the pimple and leave it overnight.

"Garlic will flatten your pimple and get rid of it overnight, if not instantly," says Farah.

Is this for real?

"Garlic might work for some, but not everyone," beauty and wellness expert Dr. Pie Calayan from Manny and Pie Calayan Clinic told FHM in an interview.

She further explains: "Garlic has an antibacterial effect. But it may cause darkening of the area because of the concentration of the garlic enzymes."

The best way to cure pimples is to leave them alone, says Dr. Calayan. Otherwise, "have an expert treat it and prescribe topical medicine" to prevent unnecessary scarring.