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Apr 8, 2016
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Since hotter days can change your skin chemistry, the fragrances you loved during the colder days may be too overpowering for the summer.

So here's a scent suggestion: the CK2 by Calvin Klein. The product follows Calvin Klein's famous first unisex fragrance, CK One, which debuted in 1994.

The scent is a mixture of "wasabi, floral tones, wet cobblestones, and magnetic woods blends." Translation: On a 35-degree day when you're walking around in the blazing sunshine, a perfume that's got "woodsy" notes won't smell way too aggressive and out of sync with the season. It just blends better with summer. 

We like the minimalist-looking bottle too, designed with a thick, clear glass cylinder base that allows the bottle to be viewed upside down or right side up. Cool!

CK2 is available as 30ml (P2,498), 50ml (P3,198) and 100ml (P4,298). For more information, go to Calvin Klein website.